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BWW Reviews: Catastrophic Theatre's A VERY TAMARIE CHRISTMAS Is a Roller Coaster of Thrills and Mirth

Tamarie Cooper gives Houston Christmas in July with A VERY TAMARIE CHRISTMAS and it is definitely a treat! She is at it again with her original summer musical, and this year with a book by Patrick Reynolds, music by Miriam Daly and Joe Folladori, and lyrics by Tamarie Cooper, Miriam Daly, Joe Folladori, Miki Johnson, and Patrick Reynolds, she has conceived an effervescent spectacle full of mirth and some of that good old Christmas spirit. It is never early to get in the mood for one of the great holidays ever, right

BWW Reviews: The Catastrophic Theatre's MARIE AND BRUCE is Gut Wrenching Dark Comedy

The Catastrophic Theatre's production of MARIE AND BRUCE is the perfect compliment to all the syrupy holiday fair being produced elsewhere. With fantastic drama and chuckle and guffaw inducing dark humor, MARIE AND BRUCE is a thought-provoking exploration of just how inhumane and utterly devastating human relationships can truly be. It's not a feel good show, but you'll leave the theatre positively excited about the quality production you witnessed. And, if you're like me, you'll wake up the next morning radiant and overjoyed because of how good the show was.