The Danube



In 1938 Budapest, young American businessman Paul Green meets a Hungarian bureaucrat named Mr. Sandor, Sandor’s friend Mr. Kovacs, and Sandor’s daughter Eve. Paul and Eve soon fall in love, but a mysterious, creeping sickness begins to infect them and spreads throughout the whole city and possibly the whole world. 

In the year 2000 the now-defunct Infernal Bridegroom Productions (IBP) presented the Houston premiere of The Danube, one of most memorable productions of that company’s 14-year history. Catastrophic artistic director Jason Nodler, who founded IBP, teamed with Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre artistic director Joel Orr, to direct four of Houston’s finest actors (Amy BruceTroy SchulzeCharlie Scott, and Kyle Sturdivant). 15 years later Bruce, Schulze, Scott, Sturdivant, Orr, and Nodler reunite to create a new and improved version of this extraordinary play by one of the most intrepid playwrights of our modern era.

Photographer: George Hixson

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