There is a Happiness That Morning Is (2013)



Bernard and Ellen are college professors and scholars of the poet William Blake. The night before we meet them, they have been overtaken by their common passion and spontaneously made love on the public green for all to see. Now they must apologize for or successfully defend their act to the students that witnessed it or lose their tenured positions. Moreover, what they do next will profoundly impact each one’s ability to remain in the lives they’ve know for literally decades before.The play is presented as two lectures – one idealistic and impassioned, the other defiant but conflicted.  Delivered entirely in rhymed verse, the play nevertheless possesses a pronounced comedic and contemporary sensibility.  The verse is quick and the rhymes are sharp, but it is what’s at their bottom that matters.  Though they speak of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, they do so in the service of a real, hard look at love, its difficulties and its miracles.